A fresh influx of new members has just joined the Cluster in Western Province Zambia following the Orientation Programmes run in Shillong (India) and Tamale (Ghana), and after the Advanced Skills Program (AST) which concluded on March 8th at Limulunga.

We welcome brothers from the Shillong O.P. who joined us in the latter part of 2017: Moy Hitchen from Australia, and Allen Mwashi, Edwin Saka and Kelvin Ouma from Kenya.

Our newest members from the Tamale OP and Limulunga AST, are five Zambians: Ackim Simasiku, Bonaventure Muunga, Joseph Kapalu, Leo Mboo and Peter Malama.   

These men replace Cluster members Fred, Jacob, John, Philip and Tatenda who began university studies in January.  

The 2018 Cluster is now complete with 21 members spread over four communities: Limulunga, Luampa, Mongu and Senanga.

March 11-16 witnessed a four-day Community Building Workshop for the Cluster, skillfully animated by David Gibson of the TST.  It was only after the AST program finished on March 8th, that we could really begin looking at the new composition of the four communities. Hub members Joe Lauren, Sammy Munyua and John Holden worked as a team in interviewing each brother of the Cluster, both old and new members, to obtain input, concerns, suggestions, and preferences they might have as we set up these new communities.  The process proved helpful to all of us.  The Hub then established the composition of the communities, designating the four roles for each community i.e. Community Leader, Community Bursar, Community Project Manager and Community Project Treasurer. Our nominations were then forwarded to South Central District Leadership for approval and subsequently included in the official District transfer list recently released.

Having us all together like this as we begin anew was helpful as vital issues got addressed.  A great atmosphere prevailed throughout. The workshop concluded with a missioning ceremony on the theme “Let go of the shore... push out into deep water.”  Each community was missioned by Chris Meehl of the Transition Support Team, on behalf of the District Leadership Team and the brothers of the South Central District.

by John Holden

SenangaSenanga Community:

(l-r) Edwin Saka, Rohan D’Souza, Steve Sitali, Leo Mboo, Nicholas Mutiso.







LuampaLuampa Community:

(l-r)Joseph Kapalu, Bonaventure Muunga, Innocent Kaimbo, Allan Mwashi, Ackim Simasiku, Con Cerejo.







LimulungaMissioning of the Limulunga Community:

Br. Chris Meehl of the TST missioned each of the four communities on behalf of District Leadership and the Brothers of the South-Central District. The photo shows the missioning of the Limulunga Community:(l-r) Dominic Mwania, Edward Masinde, Peter Malama, Kelvin Ouma, Moy Hitchen, Chris Meehl.