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  • Third Orientation Programme begins in Ghana

    The opening ceremony of the third Orientation Programme took place in Tamale, Ghana, on Sunday 17th of September 2017. It was Read More
  • Advanced Skills Training Programme underway in India

    The Advanced Skills Training (AST) program is underway and in a different place from the Orientation Program. In preparation, Sunil and Read More
  • Three Novices In India

    Our entry into the noviciate was done without much fanfare from the day of our arrival into Bhopal on June 21st. Read More
  • Visit of CLT to Taizé

    The Congregation Leadership Team has spent the first week of August in the ecumenical community of Brothers at Taizé in France. Read More
  • The Network of Callan Services

    Many Edmund Rice people are involved in a network bringing various community-based services to persons with disabilities accross Papua New Guinea. Read More
  • Four New Communities in Zambia

    "Our Way into the Future" has taken another important step. Brothers are setting up four new communities in Western Province, Zambia. Read More
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TaizeSignThe Congregation Leadership Team has spent the first week of August in the ecumenical community of Brothers at Taizé in France. Many will be familiar with the chants of Taizé and some may have had the opportunity to spend some time with the community at some stage.

The Taizé community was established by Brother Roger after 1940 and in its early years it was a centre for the care of refugees caught up in World War II. By 1949 the community had grown to seven. More information is available on the Taizé website here.

Today the community has grown to over one hundred brothers (read more here). Each year they receive thousands of young (and not so young) visitors who typically spend a week in Taizé, joining in the daily prayer and all the other experiences of living in a group of several thousand people (see here). Other people come for a more prolonged time and offer their energy as volunteers, animating the life of the larger group in collaboration with the community.

TaizePrayerEach day is shaped by the gatherings for community prayer - in the morning, at midday and in the evening. The visitors gather around the Brothers for chanting and scripture reflection. During the course of the morning large groups are formed (teenagers and young adults divided by age-groups, adults together) and one of the Brothers gives a scripture reflection on the theme of the week, with the accompanied diversity of simultaneous translations. In the afternoons small language-groups reflect on what has been shared. Meanwhile there is ample opportunity for reflective time in the chapels and in the countryside around the village.

Since last year the focus of the community has been on what are called "new solidarities" through joy, simplicity and mercy. The focus this year is titled "The Courage of Mercy". This is a series of proposals from Brother Alois, inviting everyone to bear witness to God's compassion. (You can read the full text here).

TaizePathAround a lake in the grounds of the community, where one might expect to find Stations of the Cross, is laid out "The Way of the Gospel". This is a series of 18 icons and reflections on gospel events. (You can read more about the way of the Gospel here).

Each week brings another diverse group of visitors and some of the chants are adapted so that many have the opportunity to sing something in their own language. This is a challenge for those of us used to the chants in English or Latin. A look through Youtube will provide you with a vast selection of Taize resources. In Soundcloud you can listen to the chants that were popular the week that the Leadership Team visited here).




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