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Greetings from Bwiam, The Gambia. I trust that life is good in this uproar of Covid-19. We thank our health workers who are working hard to curb this terrible infection here in The Gambia. We are still trying to get back to normal. Despite the fewer new cases, there is still strict regulations that cannot permit social gatherings including some Diocesan activities. We are back in The Gambia after 15 years of absence. Our second coming had the opportunity to fire the flame of our Brothers who started this mission by spreading the good news, and the values of Blessed Edmund Rice. As we strive to live Gospel values through our initial community living, our mission calls us to seek God’s consciousness and compassion for those in need, especially the youth, the poor and marginalized in this part of the world.

‘’Like the disciples who encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus, I always meet the Risen and Ascending Lord in the life of the youth. This enriching encounter is designed to help me meet Jesus Christ on my road to daily living.’’

As a young man full of energy, I am always drawn by the love and atmosphere of our youth at parish level. In recent times, and despite the life challenges they have been going through, we had a privilege to organized series of activities including: Youth Camp, invincible friends, Thanksgiving Mass etc. the main reflection for this gathering is to bring them back together and get connected with God through one another.

It was a remarkable experience. They have made me to continue to believe in myself. Transformation with young people is necessary in growing in the body and blood of Christ. Many young people have dreams for themselves and dreams for our universal Church. I trust that impossible things today will be possible tomorrow. As the evolution of human progresses, God’s indelible providence is creating young people to be quite better and more intelligent by the time being. They can help to propagate the faith of our living Church. I am inclined to say it is important to help young realize and seek to grow in the walk with Christ and Blessed Edmund Rice. The mystery of God is helping me to navigate through the most challenging part of this mission.

In building meaningful and healthy relationship with them, I have the courage to compliment myself and the new generation. I mean I have the courage to see good points in me and show more love and kindness to them. It is not a surprise that many people don’t know good points in themselves. My presence with them may obviously ignite that energy in them and our love is to show them the meaning of their potentials. The future continues to be unknown. I think my magical power for now is my speech. My speech can be a poison or holy water. Sometimes, the few minutes youth talk with me can change my life. On the other hand, my idol is the one who likes to encourage people.

I am happy to be part of the Bwiam Community with my two Brothers who are also doing well. We are teaching Brothers. I am grateful to be a teacher. If I can inspire young people to see the beauty in themselves, that is enough to spread Edmund Rice’s dream. If there are people telling you that you can’t do anything better; it is just what they understand. In the past for them it may be impossible and now they just don’t know how it will happen. It is good to have compassion for such people because they don’t know that the world is changing so fast. Keep moving for the better. The Truth of Gospel values is to be passed down from generation to generation in order to grow in both body and blood of Jesus Christ. In the end, helping young people, like Edmund Rice, will give them confidence for Christ and the search for The Divine in a world full of chaos.

Live Jesus in our Hearts!
Philemon Sesay

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