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Our strategic developent framework articulates our vision to 2020.

Edmund Rice Mission focuses on the liberation of people and communities. Edmund Rice, inspired by Jesus, responded to the marginalised of his time. Today, through compassionate presence and seeking mutual transformation, Edmund Rice Mission promotes human rights and fullness of life for all, especially those made poor.

Our work is shaped by the UN Sustainable Development Goals which you can read more about by clicking on the graphic below.

Our way into the future enables four integrated strategic priorities that build the capacity of people and communities through

  • Compassionate Presence - We walk in solidarity with those with whom we live and work, especially those made poor.
  • Community Engagement - We work together with local communities to identify priority needs and long term solutions. We build relationships for mutual transformation.
  • Education - Building on our 200 years experience in education and schools, we liberate people through formal and informal quality education. 
  • Advocacy - We are active in advocating for human rights and the environment from the local through to the global, including through UN mechanisms.

The Way We Work:

  • Presence - Being with
  • Engagement - Respectful, active listening
  • Collaboration - Working connectedly
  • Prayerful Reflection - Transformation
  • Celebration - Sharing and valuing

Our focus: To acheive these strategic priorities, we are

  • Improving capacity in formation, leadership development, succession planning, training, mentoring and sharing our diverse cultures and wisdom.
  • Increasing communictions and building financial sustainability through sharing best-practice, engaging more people and diversifying funding
  • Achieving sustainable outcomes through improved planning, policies, structures and processes

Strategic Development Framework