On Saturday, November 4th, Br. Patrick Nuanah professed perpetual vows at St. Peter and Paul Parish in Tamale, Ghana, in the company of the Brothers, his family and friends who had gathered for the occasion. Patrick is the first Ghanaian to profess final vows in the Congregation.

IMG 3779In a ceremony on the evening before the Profession Mass, Patrick shared some if his personal story with those who had gathered:

I was born in 1977 to Mr. Thomas Konipo Nuanah and Madam Agnes Ama Yarong at the Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana. As the first born of the family l grew up in an environment that was characterized by love and care. My favorite hobbies as a young boy were making lorries with corn sticks, or creating TVs and fridges with milk tins. Later on I developed a keen interest in making vegetable gardens and rearing local chickens. I completed my primary education in Wa Catholic School from 1983-1990 and continued my Junior High School in Tamale, at the Ridge Junior High School from 1990-1993. In September 1993 l gained admission into Vitting Senior High School in Tamale, graduating in 1996. From 1999-2002 I completed my tertiary education at Bagabaga College of Education where l was enrolled in their Teacher Training Certificate course.

Upon graduation, I was posted to Garizegu R.C. Junior High School, where I taught for three years. Along the way, I also enrolled in Tamale Technical University for a Diploma Course in Building Technology, which I completed in 2006. As a teacher, it was always my desire to teach pupils in the rural communities in order to help them have the same opportunity as their counterparts in the urban or well-endowed schools. This desire was greatly enhanced when I came into contact with the Christian
Brothers when they first came to Tamale in 200l, and whose charism is evangelizing and liberating youth through quality education. Nelson Mandela also believed that: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In February 2006, I finally took the life-changing step to join the Christian Brothers and participated in an initial formation program in Bo Town, Sierra Leone. I continued a two-year Novitiate program in Cape Town, South Africa, where l made my First Profession of Vows in November, 2008. My first missionary assignment in 2009 was to Gbarnga, Liberia, where l lived in a community of four Christian Brothers and taught at St. Martin's Junior and Senior Secondary School. After four happy years of grace and privilege with the people of Liberia in Bong County, I was granted the Brother Austin Loftus Scholarship from the Christian Brothers of the North American Province to continue my studies at lona College in New York, USA. It was at Iona that I gained my Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science. Upon graduation in July 2Ol5,I was asked to come to Tamale and join the Christian Brothers Choggu comunity and to minister at Kanvilli R.C. School Complex.

The following dialogue took place between Patrick and Br. Hugh O'Neill, the Congregation leader:

IMG 3895Br. Patrick Nuanah, you have spent a number of years of temporary profession with us as a Christian Brother. What is it that you now ask of the Congregation?

Br. Patrick: Having lived as a Christian Brother and having imbued the spirit of the Congregation, I now wish to commit myself to being a disciple of Jesus, as a Christian Brother as long as I live,

In order to live a life of CONSECRATED EVANGELICAL CHASTITY, are you committed to a life-long search for the Divine, being open to exploring the Mystery of God in all creation?
Br. Patrick:I AM

In this commitment are you willing to imitate Jesus in a radical way, by remaining free from exclusive human love, while growing daily in an intimate relationship with Jesus whose life's passion was the reign of God?
Br. Patrick:I AM

In order to live EVANGELICAL POVERTY, are you resolved to open your heart to the cry of the poor and the earth, and to be moved by prophetic action through advocacy and works of justice?
Br. Patrick:I AM

In this resolution are you willing to be radically dependent on God and the community and to renounce the right to the independent use and disposal of money and material goods?
Br. Patrick:I AM

Are you willing to detach yourself from power, prestige and privilege and to share your personal gifts, qualities, strengths and weakness, showing, by the simplicity of your life, your solidarity with the poor and marginalized?
Br. Patrick:I AM

In order to live a life of EVANGELICAL OBEDlENCE, do you desire to listen deeply for God in healthy compassionate communities, living a heart-centered spirituality?
Br. Patrick:I DO

In this desire, are you willing to allow the charism of our Founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, to find new expressions that are beyond your boundaries, your understanding and your imaginings?
Br. Patrick:I AM

Congregation Leader: ln this desire, are you willing to support your brothers in mission and to respond to the call to new horizons; to the unknown; and to respond
positively to the call by leadership to be involved passionately in the wider mission of the Congregation, wherever that may be and whatever form it may take?
Br. Patrick:I AM

Br. Hugh: May God who has begun this gosd work in you continue to see you through. May He strengthen you and grant that your way of life may give glory to his loving plan of redemption. We ask this through Christ our Lord.
ALL: Amen.

IMG 3939IMG 3940

There was an exceptionally large gathering of Brothers for the occasion as the participants in the Orientation Programme were present, as were African leadership who were gathered for meetings with the Congregation leaders and the Transition Support Team at that time.

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