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1. Edmund said, "Cast all your cares into the arms of Divine Providence." We pray that our trust in the goodness and kindness of God will never waiver.eRice

We pray to the Lord R/ Lord, Hear Our Prayer

2. Edmund said, "Have courage, the good seed will grow up in the children's hearts later on." We pray that we will never be discouraged in the lives and will always endeavor to sow good seeds in the hearts of those we serve.
We pray to the Lord R/Lord, Hear Our Prayer

3. Edmund said, "The world and everything in it is continually changing ... Perfect happiness is not to be expected but in another world." We pray that we shall not be afraid of changes or of letting go of anything that holds us back from the fullness of life.
We pray to the Lord R/Lord, Hear Our Prayer

4. Edmund said, "One thing you may be sure of, that whilst you work for God, whether you succeed or not, God will amply reward you." We pray that we will always remain faithful to the values and teachings of Jesus.
We pray to the Lord R/Lord, Hear Our Prayer

5. Edmund said, "Were we to know the merit and value of only going from one street to another to serve a neighbor for the love of God, we shall prize it more than silver or gold." We pray in gratitude for the opportunities that life has offered us in serving the needs of others around our globe.
We pray to the Lord R/Lord, Hear Our Prayer


Generous God, we are aware of your presence amongst us on this occasion and gratefully acknowledge the gifts and talents that all present have offered to foster the Kingdom of God over many years. We pray that the values and inspirations that we have gained from one another will remain with us always, Amen.

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