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Today and every day, we live and proclaim the greatness of God;          
We cherish the loving presence of Jesus in our lives;          
We honor the gifts the Spirit has conferred upon us,                
and we commit these gifts to the service of God's Church.

Through fidelity to our vows, through personal and communal prayer,              
and through the enrichment of our community life,           
we are called to live a deep relationship with Jesus,              
and we open our hearts to love each other                
and to love all God's people.

We are endowed with the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.      
It allows us to trust in the Providence of God,               
to affirm the dignity of all persons,                    
to work for peace in a truly just society,                         
and to live a life of love and compassion.  

As men committed to international brotherhood,            
we seek global solidarity in one God.      
We stand with the marginalized,                
and we challenge injustices wherever we meet them.      
We acknowledge our brokenness and fragility,            
and we claim the growth that God's healing brings to us.       
We acclaim the Edmund Rice Family as a gift to the Church and to the world,            
and we work in partnership with all authentic expressions of Edmund's charism.  

As a model of discipleship and of faith,            
as one called to make visible God dwelling among us,        
Mary is our patron and our protection.  

God has blessed us and gifted us.           
God has called us to love, to service, to brotherhood.

Contributor: Daniel Casey cfc