On Saturday 15th February Brothers Chrispinus Munialo, Constantine Sunday and Stephen Wandabusi made their perpetual profession of vows at the Mother of God Catholic Parish in Embulbul – Kenya. Their perpetual profession was witnessed and received by our Congregation Leader Br Hugh O’Neill. The calling of the candidates and the examination of their intention to make perpetual vows was done by our Africa Province Leader, Br Michael de Klerk.

Present at the ceremony were the parents and friends of the three Brothers, as well as the host of the East African Brothers. Six priests, who are friends of the three Brothers, together with a number of Religious (men and women) and parishioners participated in the ceremony. The fact that the profession took place immediately after the Province
Leadership Team Meeting, which was held in Nairobi, meant that Brs Clement Sindazi (Deputy Province Leader), Alfred Banda (District Leader SCD) and
Albert Gomez (District Leader WAD) together with our Province Secretary Br Mick Podbury were also able to attend the ceremony.

All in all, it was a joyful and prayerful day for the Brothers, family and friends, and a sign of God's blessings on the Province.
Br George Massay


When families, friends, brothers and sisters gathered at Mary Mother of God Parish-Embulbul on Saturday 15th February, we were certain of that which awaited us. It was the solemn occasion in which Brs Chrispinus Munialo, Constantine Sunday and Stephen Wandabusi were making their perpetual profession. The dances, the smiles, the paparazzi, all had a part to play. The colours could tell it all. If one was not captured by the dressing, then certainly the homily did.

Br George Massay gave a homily that focused on the theme of being a prophet and disciple of Jesus Christ. The reading from the book of Isaiah had the prophet of God being anointed and sent. The homily captured all that pertains to Religious Life from linking our own Constitutions to the call of the Prophet of Yahweh. He explained that Prophets are often the ones on the edges of the society who are capable of listening to God and speaking His message honestly to God’s people.

Br George reminded the Congregation that the men to be professed are not perfect, but now that God had chosen them, anointed them and was sending them forward, they are the chosen ones and God’s love will sustain them in their mission.

The Brothers making their perpetual vows looked prepared for the task ahead of being disciples and prophets. Who am I to question that spirit? I can only wish our brothers every spiritual blessing from God.

Hongereni sana!
Br Fred Adero


The three newly professed are pictured with Brs. Alfred Banda, Clement Sindazi and Albert Gomez.