A novel awareness-raising strategy Trafficking often involves tricking people into exploitation. An innovative way of raising public awareness of the problem involves an experience of being baited. Read More            

Final Profession WA2014

Permanent commitment

Two young West Africans have recently made a public profession of their permanent commitment as Christian Brothers. The Brothers and the wider Edmund Rice movement, as well as the local Church, welcome this loving act of faith. Read More            


50 years presence in Zambia

On Saturday 10 May, the Christian Brothers celebrated the 50th anniversary of arriving in present-day Zambia. The celebration in Mazabuka took its cue from the local farming context and from a traditional cultural ceremony. Read More          


Rocks reconsidered

As we reflect on human history and the Common Good, rocks face us with many challenges, as they did Jesus. Read Moy Hitchen’s second letter marking the International UN Year of Family Farming. Read More        


Rising to the occasion

“If Easter is to have any real meaning for us, we will humbly need to seek God’s help in rising from the ashes…  Rising to new life involves reinventing ourselves in ways that will contribute to first of all waking up ourselves and then waking up the world at our doorstep.” Read More        


Easter Sunday

That “Don’t cling to me!” is key to understanding John’s resurrection story.  John is telling us that following Jesus is a life-long process that involves losing him whenever we slip into thinking that we have finally captured him or that we have fully grasped what he is all about.  Read More          

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The Edmund Rice Network is the global umbrella for all the followers of Edmund Rice. An Irish businessman, born in 1762, Edmund Rice, moved by Gospel compassion for the deprivation and suffering of his fellow countrymen, particularly for youth, gave up his fortune at the age of 40 to respond to the desperate needs of young people. Two Religious Congregations of men in the Catholic Church, namely the Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers honour Blessed Edmund Rice as their founder and many other groups and individuals around the world also see themselves as followers of the spirit of Edmund.

The Chapters [i.e. the six yearly gatherings] of the two Congregations in recent years have been calling for more cohesion and coordination, better communication and stronger attempts to create a sense of identity and mutual support across the Network.

This website aims to offer a comprehensive news coverage of what is happening around the Network globally, noting coming events of interest, profiles of people who are active within the Network and regular discussion articles under the title of ‘Conversations' which aim to engage the Network in interaction on vital issues.

In the kitchen200The website also offers a compendium of collected resources around Edmund Rice - his life story, images, prayers and paraliturgies, as well as details and contact points for the Leadership and Provinces of the two Congregations. Under the heading of ‘Networking' the site lists many of the associated groups within the Network and provides brief details and contacts for each group.

The website also includes communications from the two Congregation Leadership Teams as well as from a range of Networking groups.

This site welcomes items for news, suggestions for profiles, articles for discussion, and advertising of coming events from across the Network.

Any group within the Network which seeks to provide information about what is happening within its particular networking group is welcome to provide that to the web contact personnel. This is not an exclusive website but rather one which is committed to the sharing and coordinating of information with other Edmund Rice websites around the globe.



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