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Welcome to the website of the Edmund Rice movement. We are a loose network of organisations, groups and individuals across the world seeking to continue the spirit of Edmund Rice.

We gather around a set of core values, supporting one another on the journey, open to being transformed along the way. Together we create space and times of quiet to allow God into our lives, that we might be nourished. We gather for storytelling, listening, being present and healing, to be able to say "God is here". We are conscious of being wounded healers, broken, sinful, humble and vulnerable, but we are also committed to sharing the dream of fullness of life for all.

As a young man, Edmund, with a group of friends, immersed in the world of work and family life, formed a little Gospel community active in the city of Waterford. They shared prayer and spiritual reading, and they combined this with active outreach to the destitute, street children, orphans, prisoners, slaves and immigrants.

Today, living out of a new consciousness of the interconnection of all life, groups of people inspired by the story of Edmund's life form small communities that journey and converse together, stepping outside their comfort zones in respectful service. We seek to make a difference to the lives of marginalised people through compassionate presence. We are committed to living simply as a way of remaining in touch with the reality of the world. For us being "drawn by mystery" involves a real crossing of bridges, new beginnings, fresh hope and letting go ‘the chains with which you would bind me’.

There are a diverse number of ways of becoming involved in the movement. Some men may wish to join the Christian Brothers, others are involved as participants in some of the groups which feature on this website. You may be looking to find a place to become a volunteer for a period of time, or you may be looking to help by becoming a partner in our developmentment and fundraising efforts.

For more information follow the "GETTING INVOLVED" links below.